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  • Buick Grand National Project Help

    I would love to technovate my Buick. She is in perfect shape with a new great sounding sound system. This is a beutiful car and keep it in the garage under three covers.

    Here is what I would like to do:
    - I don't want to cut into the dash or console
    - Would like to have a touch screen
    - Install a Windows based computer with large HDD

    I need help with hardware selection. I will document the install and give credit to all that help.

    Thank you in advance for the help. I think that with all the talent on this site that we will come up with a sweet setup.

    Thank you,

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    Well, first of all, I'd start with some research. Next, I'd probably move on to an awesome site we all use called "google". Last, but not least, I'd do as much of my own homework as possible before coming here to ask us to do the dirty work for you!

    Also: Didn't someone in sexual education teach you about double and triple-wrapping your junk? heh..


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      you can also go to and have a look at some of the of the projects and get some "inspiration".

      P.S Wrap it three times and you lose the feel.