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PDA as a touchscreen display?

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  • PDA as a touchscreen display?

    OK, I spent about an hour searching and don't know if I know what to search for or not. I am an electronics guy and kinda lost on some of the software stuff here, so please bear with me.

    Anyway, I am wondering if there is any software out there to allow you to use a PDA as your touchscreen monitor. The resolution is getting pretty good on some of the newer pda models. What I am picturing is a pda cradle mounted in the car with the display connections back to the CarPC in the trunk or glovebox. The cradle and carPC could be hardwired, but the PDA would still be removable and still used as a PDA if needed.
    Am I dreaming here or do you guys think this is possible?

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    It sounds cool, but not gonna happen.
    One thing you could do, however, is use the PDA as a remote control (using VNC or something comparable) for the PC. It all depends on the capabilities of the PDA.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      There is remote control/input software..

      This question has been raised several times. I suggest a search for "Pocket PC" and take a look at the 20 or so pages that come up.

      I am testing several different approaches. The first approach are the free solutions, such as VNC and remote desktop apps. These are workable, but difficult to set up. They essentially give you a view of the desktop on the pocket pc.

      Check out these websites:

      VNC View



      Remote Desktop and Pocket PC

      The second approach is generally professional software that either provides the same functionality as the above free methods, or provides more limited control over specific programs.

      I am trying some of these:

      Controls WinAmp


      ImInTouch Software

      These will work best with a wifi connection, as bluetooth and cradle with serial or usb is generally too slow to provide adequate speed for the Pocket PC screen. If your base computer has a wireless card or wireless hub, these are relatively easy to set up (one of the main benefits of the retail software).