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$5 wireless keyboard on eBay - don't know if they would work w/PC

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  • $5 wireless keyboard on eBay - don't know if they would work w/PC

    I stumbled upon these keyboards on eBay:

    Does anybody think they could be reverse engineered for use w/ a PC?

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    Almost anything can be reversed engineered with enough time...
    As far as this goes, I'd have to say it'd be difficult. Unless someone has already written drivers for it, you'd have to buy a IR receiver (extra $$$), and write software to intrepret the signals, assuming that you want the full keyboard functionality. You could probably use it with some software which "learns" to associate IR singals with commands, but you'd still need the receiver. So, short of finding a really cheap receiver and software to work with it, I'd have to say you ought to pass.


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      they won't work. they don't have a regular keyboard layout either. I have 2 audreys here myself.



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        These are similar to the Phillips WebTV keyboards I sell for $20 US + shipping. They come with an IR reciever w/PS2 connection and are fully PC compatible....
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