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    Hi All,

    This is my first post here. I have done some searching and have found a lot of ideas but I am still not sure what the best plan of action my my setup is. I might just need to scrap the idea and just stick a carputer in my car. Anyway, I have a JVC KD4200 deck which had GIGA MP3 which allows me to put about 1,000 songs on a single DVD-R disc. It also obviously will play movies on VCD or DVD. It is connected to a 7" screen via component video out from the deck. The deck also has a digital audio out via a TOSLINK cable. It has worked great but I am wanting to get 5.1 sound. I have been using a Sound Blaster Extigy for a long time on my home PC and I really have enjoyed it but since support for Vista is non-exsitent and I will be upgrading eventually, I retired the Extigy. Since the Extigy has hardware encoding and I throught it would make a great sound processor for my car. I built a plexiglas box for the Extigy, Amps, power dist box and a 150/300 watt inverter.
    Here are my issues:

    1. Everytime the Extigy is turned off, It goes into a 2-channel mode. The Extigy has an option called CMSS to upmix stereo sound to 5.1 so when I start my car and listen to a MP3 disc, I only have sounf from the front speakers. I have to keep turing on CMSS to get sound out of all speakers. I have looked for someway to flash the bios on the Exitgy to make this on by default but have found nothing.

    2. I have found several options for making the inverter power up with the ignition. e.g. the startup/shutdown controller. My question is, is it safe to run this small inverter straight off the ignition wire so it will power up when I turn the key?

    3. I have no volume control from my deck when using the TOSLINK connection. I have to use the volume on the Extigy.

    I have thought about getting a IR extender to try and take care of issues 1 & 3. Just wanted to ask and see if some of you had any better ideas. Still not sure about Question 2. I want to make this setup run as smooth as possible, something that anyone could use. Thanks for you time.

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    Hi SpaceGhost,

    I really can't help you with 1 & 3 because I have no experience with the Extigy, but for #2:

    I would definitely not run an inverter off of the ignition line. You mentioned that this is a small inverter, so you *might* be able to get away with it running on that line, but I would go with a relay that switched a constant 12v source (from your battery).

    If you've never wired a relay before, this is the setup you'd want to use:
    30: Positive from battery
    85: Ground
    86: Accessory/ignition wire
    87: Positive to inverter
    87a: Not used

    Here's the relay and socket you'd need:

    Hope this helped!


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      I can only give insight on 2 and 3.

      2. I don't know what you mean by straight off the ignition wire, if you mean using the ACC wire in the dash behind the radio, then NO. You could use the actual ignition wire under the dash (for the key cylinder) if you wanted to, but you should NOT use the wiring behind the radio for it.

      3. Many 'playback' devices will disable the onboard sound control as the TOSLINK connection is usually going to a processor / amplifier with its own volume control. This is by design so the playback device will put out the optimal volume and the amplifier will control the volume. There is no way around this. Macs do this too, and I find it quite annoying.


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        Thanks for replying - Yes I was talking about the ACC wire behind the radio. So if the answer is not I guess I could build a startup/shutdown controller. I don't have much electronics knowledge but what's the worst that could happen. I have searched for everything that said "Extigy" and found that other people are having that same issue for number one and there is no fix for it. I need to get a IR extender I guess.


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          Thanks inFused, that does help. I am going to by a relay on the way home tonight.


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            I would still like to know what other people thought about this kind of setup as maybe an alternative to putting a whole computer in your car. I understand that this kind of setup is no way a replacement for a carputer but how about as an alternative. I will keep you up-to-date on how things are going and how seamless I can make it work. I relocated the IR sensor up to my dash so I can use the remote.