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Ecs Cyrix Mediagx Mini-micro Atx Motherboard

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  • Ecs Cyrix Mediagx Mini-micro Atx Motherboard

    Hey guys, somewhat of a newb here but I stumbled acrossed a pretty neat mobo and case on ebay and am curious due to the price and was wondering if you would point out some reason for me not to buy it =]. I think the board is only 300Mhz but for the price its hard to not try it, do you think this would work as a SUPERRR BUDGET mobo for a linux based car PC or even a windows based with enogh ram? Would it be horribly slow and not worth it? I wouldent be considering this if the price was not so reasonable btw. Thanks guys.


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    MediaGX is around the power of an original Pentium. DSL would run OK on it, but you aren't going to be able to do much more than play MP3s on it.