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M2-ATX powerful enough?

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  • M2-ATX powerful enough?

    Currently I have an 2-ATX 160 watt running my
    500MHZ P3(slot)
    512mb sd ram (2 sticks PC100 i think)
    PCI USB card
    Ethernet network card(PCI)
    3 USB devices
    Regular size DVD rom drive
    5400 RPM 3.5" Hard drive
    AGP(or Pci? cant remember) Ati Rage 32 Video card
    lilliput screen powered off computer.

    I am thinking of upgrading this to some thing like this:
    -AMD Athlon 2200 (but it runs as a 1700 because the motherboard does not support a higher FSB)
    -512 MB sd ram (same 2 sticks)
    -PCI USB card
    -Wireless PCI card
    -3 USB Devices
    -Regular size DVD rom drive
    -5400 RPM 3.5" Hard drive
    -lilliput screen powered off computer.
    -Motherboard has Onboard Video
    -Case fan

    My question is would the 160watt power supply be enough?
    My original system was around 200+ watts according to the online calculators, and this one is a little higher.. I hope it can? any one running a similar set up?