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M-2 ATX or Opus 150

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  • M-2 ATX or Opus 150

    In my last setup, the power supply was a no brainer. I had a mac mini and paired it with a CNX P-1900 with the mac specific cable, and it worked like a charm.

    This time around, I bought a slimline hp7600 series PC (got a nice deal on it at microcenter as a refurb), and I've been reading some conflicting stuff about whether the M2 ATX will be enough power, or whether I need to spend the extra $ on the Opus. I know that either way I will need an adapter for the power supply because the hp doesn't have a standard atx power suply port on the motherboard

    The hp says it will use 95-105 watts (don't have it in front of me, that's from memory), so I initially thought that the M2 would be plenty, but then I read some threads where people who had the slimline were advised to get the Opus and I'm wondering why as they both appear to be roughly equivalent based on spec. IS the Opus quality that much higher than the M2, or is there something else I'm missing

    Any and all opinions/advice are welcome

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    bump. Got the pc running off an inverter (which is lame). Still looking for advice on the above