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About ready to give up on MP3

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  • About ready to give up on MP3

    Ok i have a full System here that has taken me months to complete and it SUX!

    CustomPlexi Case
    USB Sound Card
    GroundLoop Isolator
    20GB HD
    XO Vision FM Modulator
    4x20 CrystalFonz screen

    I feel like i have done everything right but it is so impractical.
    Heres where it goes wrong:

    1. To get it to boot i have to push the reset button.
    2. The quality SUX! Lots of White Noise at higher volume
    3. The Screen is all garbage.

    HELP! If i cant fix these things im just gona sell the whole damn thing and buy a real sound system.
    "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."

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    If this was easy everyone would do it... Just try to tackle one problem at a time!

    In the bios, you should be able to set it up to come back on after power is lost... Forget the USB sound card and get a pci one, usb sucks in my opinion... Ditch the FM modulator and get a direct aux in adapter for your head unit.... As for the screen, is it serial? Is it wired correct? Does it display correctly when not in the car?

    You have put a lot of time and money on good parts (c3 board, sproggy and display) only to use inferior parts where it counts the most (modulator and usb sound adapter)...

    Dont give up, you are so close...

    But if you sell, let me know what you want for the c3 board...
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    (soon to be computerized)


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      For starters, the audio quality - if you want good quality, get rid of the FM modulator! Get a deck with aux-in and be done with it. Also, ground everything well so that you can eliminate the ground loop isolator, as this will also results in a cleaner and more powerfull signal. The USB sound might also be part of the proble, as these can often result in a weaker signal. If you're really worried about sound and interference, go for soemthing like the Sony decks with the aux-in module that takes a USB input, this way the computer would not have to handle the DAC.
      I assume the CS display is serial - I've only used Matrix Orbital serial LCDs, but I've never had a problem. If the issue is both when in car and at home, then it's either a software issue (what plugin are you using?), a hardware problem (try testing LCD on another PC) or it could be a bad cable.


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        Get a better quality insulated cable to fix the screen garbage. It will make a big difference. Make sure the two ends of the cable are grounded properly.


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          Ok as for the audio i got it to work. I went hardwire! sounds great! the bios i need to fool with and the cable is a great idea!!!!! Right now its just 20ft of ribbon cable. Thx for your help! ON WE GO NEVER GIVE UP!
          "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."


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            Originally posted by surfer6262
            Ok as for the audio i got it to work. I went hardwire! sounds great! the bios i need to fool with and the cable is a great idea!!!!! Right now its just 20ft of ribbon cable. Thx for your help! ON WE GO NEVER GIVE UP!
            how did u hardwire it to ur stock deck without an aux in???my stock deck doesnt have an aux in either..but i do have a 10 disc cd changer in the trunk..BTW i have a stock infinity sound system that comes with all eclipses....i have one of these
            it sounds good but i believe i wont be satisfied with good..i want excellent sound... ...i believe ive spent too much money and time on this for it to be complete and me not be satisfied...
            but i do want to keep my stock radio since it doesnt catch attention and it sounds great...


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              Dude, my first setup was way worse than that.. I had a full desktop PC case laying on the back seat, using a tape adapter, NO LCD, running mpxplay in DOS, and powered with a 140W radio shack inverter. But pressing my numeric keypad and hearing sound put chills down my spine and now I'm running a plexi case in my trunk with DC-DC, 10.4" lcd touchscreen, mini keyboard, gps, all that stuff. Give your system time to evolve; you'll figure out for yourself where you can cut corners and still be satisfied. For me, the first thing I had to get was a head unit with an aux-in because then at least my sound was almost perfect.


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                I guess it is not technicaly hard wire as it still uses a modulator, but i bought a new mod. a brand new audiovox one and wired it straight to the deck, on the inside. That eliminated all the antenna conections sounds great! Just take off the case on your deck and look for where the antenna is soldered to the mainboard. Im gona buy a sheilded printer cable today or tomorrow. Glad i work at a computer store. Cost on a 20ft $40 cable is $1.75. Hehehe
                "A4 Quattro. Rocket Science."