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1.8" Hard Drive

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  • 1.8" Hard Drive

    How fast are these things? Would it be faster than my 2.5" hard drive?
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    It's probably very slow. I think those were the same hard drives used in the original 5gb ipod.


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      From their specs I'd say you'd be better off with a 2.5" but not by much. Couldn't find the specific specs of that drive but other 1.8" seem slow. Of course we are talking milliseconds so it's not like it's that big of a difference but it won't be a snappy system especially if you're doing a lot of power management waiting for it to spin up.


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        basically they are fast enough but you wont be breaking any records with them.

        If you look on ebay, you can find "broken" ipods from stupid people who just cant figure things out, or the ones where they formatted them wrong and you can buy a 40Gb or 60Gb microdrive for like $40. Not a bad deal. Just smash open the ipod and pop on a $5 converter also found on eBay for 1.8" to full IDE and your ready to go.
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