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  • Which USB Radio device

    Hey guys, I've spent so much damn time (as we all have) building up my carputer and getting all the hardware and software blah blah blah... anyway i hardly listen to radio in the car but i would still really like to have the option there.

    I have spent heaps of time investigating how feasible its going to be to add in a FM radio device and it looks like a whole lot more trouble than i can be bother with, am i right?

    I want it to work within centrafuse. I most definently want it connected to my cars antenna and im not gonna be using my onboard sound card ill be using a DAC (so obviously no audio inputs).... not even sure if this is gonna be possible for me to have a USB radio is it?? most of them seem to output the audio thru a connection into your sound cards input.

    am i wasting my time bothering with a radio cos it really seems like more of an effort than its worth. Any suggestions, any comments would be helpfull.

    ps yes it has to be USB PCI is definently out

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    I love and constantly use my radio - but still I can't find a pc solution that works.....


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      The HQCT's are supported by CF, but using a DAC can make things a bit more difficult.

      I assume you use a DAC for sound quality reasons, so putting the radio in between the DAC and the amp(s) is probably not an option. Volume control would be problematic and time shifting impossible in that config too.

      If you have onboard sound available, you could set that as you default recording device in windows, and the DAC as default playback device. That should work, but I haven't tested it (I will today I guess, as I'm rebuilding an XTroniC FX1 prototype that works the same way - using CF 1.12)...

      Hope this helps a bit,
      Good luck!

      List of front-ends/usefull apps
      XTroniC | XTroniC Direct


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        thanks for the idea, let me know how you go mate


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          a bit of trouble for the moment, getting there...
          List of front-ends/usefull apps
          XTroniC | XTroniC Direct