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  • Car to Laptop System

    Here's basically what I want to do (skip to the second paragraph if you want it short and sweet.) I am going with Laptop because I am not a big Car PC or audio in general enthusiast. I just want an entertainment center that can play my music well enough. I'll probably use an external sound card (USB).

    I want to buy a decent used laptop with maybe a broken screen to lower the price a tad. I then want to put it somewhere in my car (maybe somewhere in the front console, trunk, glove compartment, etc. (out of sight). Then I'm going to try to hook it up to the car's power and hook up the sound to the car's stereo. The screen would be a mounted mini VGA monitor (maybe touch screen). I'd remove the built in controls for the radio/CD player and put the monitor there. From there I could install navigation software, I could put music on the hard drive, hook up my phone, have a DVD player, and some game emulators, etc. Now, I know a fair bit about computers and whatnot, but I am rubbish at electronics. Is everything I said right there possible? I went over all the FAQs and I looked at a bunch of products, but I'd like to do a DIY with this laptop idea to keep the price down. If anyone could get me started I'd really appreciate it. I know one of the big rules of this hobby is get everything you need before you start, and that is where I'm stuck.

    So, to put this in shorter words:
    I need to get a laptop and external monitor hooked up to car power and I don't want to do it without using the cigarette lighter.
    I then want to hook up said laptop to the car stereo system.
    What do I need? Ask me any questions you may need answering regarding my car, I don't want to give any unnecesarry info to clog up the thread, but it's a BMW 323-is (98).

    Car info: I don't know if this effects power, but the battery is in the trunk of the vehicle. I'd imagine this would be a plus for hooking up the laptop in the trunk.

    MOD NOTE: Most forums I have been to allow you to simply post topics. If topics require approval, I sincerely appologize posting this one more than once because it is simply not as responsive as I'm used to.