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Blue screen... WIN32K.SYS?

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  • Blue screen... WIN32K.SYS?

    I've been using my carputer for about a week now and every now and then it crashes (even car is running or not) and blue screen appears and it saying "Problem caused by FILE:WIN32K.SYS PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". Anybody know what this is? and how to resolve it?

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    Argh, just got the same message from my friend's computer, I'm going to try swapping the RAM first. Unfortunately, this WIN32K.SYS error is so generic it could be anything

    If you have 2 RAM sticks, try pull one out and see what happens. Good luck.


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      Do you have a gforce video card? I see alot of people having this issue when running video. There may be an option in your BIOS to change your RAM timing from "Optimal" to "Sync". That seems to have helped some people.
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        I only got one stick of RAM and i dont have gforce video card...but i tried reseating the RAM yesterday and I didnt get that error so far, I hope that fixed the problem.


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          That'd be cool if that's all it requires.

          In my case, I took out the 2x 256MB and put in my spare RAM, seems to work okay too. At least now I can get to Windows, before it would crash as soon as the Welcome screen comes up.