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Harddrive problems (booting)

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  • Harddrive problems (booting)

    Hi there, this is the first post i make but i'am reading this forum for quite a while now.

    I'm building my carputer now and i got it all in test phase.

    But now problems arrive; I got a brand new Maxtor 250GB on my Via-Epia V motherboard.

    When i got it running there are no problems, but when i reboot a couple of times my HD won't spin-up; i made a sound clip of what it sounds:

    when i let it 'cool off' and then boot, there are no problems and it spins right up.

    Is this a broken drive or do i need a better power supply?

    I'm asking this because when i was setting up windows i also got a old 12speed cd-rom hooked on. when the cd-drive was spinning my pc reseted itself so i discovered it was because the old drive; with a new 52X speed there where no problems...(old drives use more power)

    sorry for my bad English

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    Will the power supply spin up a different drive? (yes may indicate the maxtor is bad)
    Will the Maxtor work on a different system with the same multi-reboot scenario? (yes indicates the drive is likely good)

    based on the results of the questions: Ask Maxtor for an RMA (Return Material Authorization), describe the issue to them.
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    Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

    Read the FAQ!