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Xenarc Touchscreen controller problem?

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  • Xenarc Touchscreen controller problem?

    I have been using a 700TSV for for about three weeks, flawlessly. The three weeks were during windows xp pro 30 day trial because my windows activation key had been used too many times. well about two days before the trial was over my touch screen crapped out. the Display looks just as good as it did on day one, but the touch screen is not detected/recognized in the device manager.

    Strange thing that happens: I turn on the computer with the TS usb NOT plugged in and go to device manager. Then when I plug it in and wait i see the device manager automattically refresh, which means it detected something. when i go to check the "mice and other pointing devices" all i find is ps/2 mouse. Also when i look under my USB and go its properties it shows no device connected( In my case that means it says "2 open ports")

    What i dont understand is that how could it all of a sudden crap out. I've checked the wires and the wire that goes from the TS controller to the PCB is still connected.

    Do you guys think it is a faulty connection/solder point on my PCB? What if I were to connect my controller directly to USB and bypass the PCB? Or do you guys feel that it is more likely a windows/drivers software problem?

    Please help!
    2003 Infiniti G35

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    I would check Xenarc's support section of their website. If nothing shows up there, shoot them an email. Their support is very helpful. I have a 700TSV as well.
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