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Hard drives and subs, can they play together?

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  • Hard drives and subs, can they play together?

    Ok... so I was sitting there as I realized I just found the last part needed for me to complete a car computer. And I was thinking about me buying a couple 10" subs off my friend. And then... I wondered...

    Hard drives are magnetic. Subs are huge magnets... what happens? how close can they be, and not fight?

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    Well I have the same question myself. I have asked some people and I have yet to hear ONE story of a HD that went bad because of subs.

    Has this happened to anyone here?
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      My hard drive was mounted about 1 foot from my subs without any trouble and I have 4 12's. It wasnt until I moved to my glove box that I had trouble (power problems).


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        Subwoofers will not effect hard drives, either magnetically or accoustically. Though common sense tells you not to mount your HD in or on your sub enclosure.
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          never any problems here....

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            A large enough magnet will erase a disk's data. They sell electromagnets you mount on your PC that instantly wipe the disks (for those uber-paranoid types). You can get an idea of how strong the sub's magnetic field is with a piece of iron or something... Anything outside the sub box is probably far enough away to not be affected, so you're probably safe no matter what you do. But if you have some weird setup, you might want to do a bit of experimenting before you put your life-support system on your carputer.