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  • Questions about USB

    1. What are my options for more USB ports? Can I just split them or will that overload the 5 volt rail? With these powered hubs, do they just need to get power from the battery or some type of inverter?

    2. Also I have a Holux 213 GPS receiver, Xenarc 700TSV screen and wireless modem (future purchase) running off 3 of the 4 USB ports on my M10000, that's fine right? Plus sometimes I plug in a 2 gig flash drive for transferring files, and I also have the USB keyboard plugged into the PS/2 slot with a USB-PS/2 adapter and this will be swapped out for a mini wireless keyboard once they're available in Canada. The remaining open USB slot will either become the victim of a USB soundcard or remain free in the dash for plugging in miscellaneous devices like digital cameras or card readers or something like that. With that being said, is this overload on the 5 volt rail already? It seems to work fine but I don't yet use that last USB port for anything like I said.
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    1 - USB hub. A powered hub is recommended in most cases.

    2 - If it's working, why wouldn't it be fine?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      or wait a few months for wireless usb