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ASUS RH2 Ultra Mobile PC

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  • ASUS RH2 Ultra Mobile PC

    Hi there,

    I was looking at purchasing the ASUS RH2 device as a dashmounted Car PC. Has anyone looked at these units before? I would be grateful for your opinion.

    One big downside is that it is only a 7" unit, I would prefer an 8" unit. Does anyone know of any similiar alternatives?

    Thanks for your help,


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    The Fujistu P1000 series have 8" touch screens. Not a tablet, but can fold into one on the newer models:


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      I have one and I just got a custom bracket made for my Nissan Altima. I like it although it would be nicer if it boots faster. But I've been using hibernation mode exclusively and it works 100%. Still looking for an USB 2.0 powered hub to complete the installation. Have a few extra gadgets would like to hoook them up.

      The touchscreen is very sensitive so light touch is all you need. A few problems though, it seems the wireless doesn't work very well although people have reported working much better in Vista. It takes forever to find and lock to a WiFi network. The GPS isn't that great either. But I got by using an external USB GPS.

      Not as happy as I'd like it, but it fits nicely in my car with minimal mods.