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USB -> Parallel -> HD44780 LCD

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  • USB -> Parallel -> HD44780 LCD

    I thinking about getting a HD44780 compliant LCD but I donít want to run parallel port cable from that back just for it. I have a USB hub in the front that I want to connect everything to.

    If I get one of those USB to printer port converters they sell everywhere something like this one, would that work okay with an HD44780 compliant LCD?

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    Yeah, it just becomes listed as a standard parallel port in the device listing, so any program that writes to the parallel port via Windows should be able to access it. AFAIK it wont work if your program writes directly to the parallel port or for DOS programs.

    Also, the one on that link is designed for direct connection to a printer, thus the connector will need converting to be useful.
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      I can't speak for everyone, but I've read people having trouble with LCD's and USB to parallel converters or 3-in-1 USB hubs...



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        According to a very knowledgable person on the hardfourms, it won't work.

        The usb-parallel device creates a virtual spool. It's great for printers, but it doesn't emulate a real lpt port, so it won't work. He says every one he's seen on the market uses the same chip and none of them work :/

        He does sell usb -> lcd boards for $38 there. He designed and built them himself. Look up "skylab" on He has a website somewhere.


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          Thanks for all the input. I decided to go with a serial LCD instead. I know those USB -> Serial adapters work well.


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            look on ebay for "PNP usb paralell" this is not the usual usb-printer