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How to Boot and NOT Spin-up Hard Disk??

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  • How to Boot and NOT Spin-up Hard Disk??


    I'm building a car-computer which has 16GB solid-state (flash) disk (using compact-flash to ide adapter). I also have a SATA 2.5-inch hard drive that I want to use only as a bulk storage area (for music, etc). The idea is that I want pretty much everything that is essential for core operations to run out of solid-state and only spin-up the hard drive when its necessary to read from it or store something on it. I'm running Windows XP (I'd rather run Linux but I can't find enough software even under Wine to do what I want) so I guess I'm asking for a solution using that OS.

    Does anybody know how to boot up in windows and leave a drive detected but not spun-up? I know I can change the timeouts so it will turn off quickly-- but afaik this still requires the drive to spin-up at boot time.

    Thanks for any help.

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    are you using a native sata power cable or a molex to sata adapter?

    With a sata power cable you can delay spin up and features like that. the problem is to reactivate them software wise.

    (commingly that feature is used with sata hdds is raid, so each drive spins up at different times)


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      You might be better off using a USB drive-caddy. You can power it off/on as you like and it will be assigned the same drive letter each time.