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Cisco Mobile Access Router (PC-104+ based)

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  • Cisco Mobile Access Router (PC-104+ based)

    Has anyone seen or used the Cisco MAR 3250 or 3270, which is PC-104+ based? I think this would be a great platform which has computer boards, video cards, sound cards, cellular cards, 802.11 cards, switch cards and serial cards to do just about anything you could ever want. Here is the link...

    A bit pricey, but a pretty cool toy.

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    I've not been able to find a place that sold PC104+ graphic cards to individuals. I could use one for a project. Getting PC104+ cards is fairly difficult.

    As for the thing itself, it looks like a catapiler mated with a SLUPR. While it might survive a serious wreck, it's rather overkill for a CarPC. That costs what, $3000+?


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      They offer a PC/104+ Ethernet switch with at least 4 ports, but they usually pair it up with their PC/104+ router. I looked into this for work related reasons, but wasn't sure about how proprietary their Ethernet switch was.