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Help - Opinions on my DIY LCD case (single DIN)?

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  • Help - Opinions on my DIY LCD case (single DIN)?

    So I have built a plexiglass back wall on which I was going to mount my VGA controller, inverter and touchscreen controller. Everything is separated from the plexiglass by brass standoffs and one leg from each is connected to ground. The inverter is also surrounded by a plastic "garage." My screen is shielded by a thin metal sheet across the back (since I am worried about noise from having the components so close. But its just a little too thick to fit into a single DIN enclosure (its over 2.11 inches thick). I want to mount the components on the metal shield as described below to save more room - this is how it would go:

    Screen -> metal shield -> components attached to metal shielding (with brass standoffs and grounded) -> plexiglass back wall.

    If I mount the components on to the metal shielding instead of the back wall, I can save at least a quarter inch, if not more.

    Will this work - if not, why?

    My main concern is the inverter and arcing - should I put a plexiglass piece between the inverter and the metal shield (with standoffs, grounding, etc.?

    I am almost there and really want to finish this week - any help would be greatly appreciated. I basically need to get this as thin as possible. I figure that they those pop up screens from DSCustoms, Pioneer, etc. must have an inverter stuck in there somewhere close, so why can't I.

    FYI - This is a Dennisk screen, so it will come out of the dash lengthwise, and rotate 90 degrees around a ball bearing assembly I attached to the back plexiglass wall so that it is straight. It is prevented from spinning further by magnetized stops. I also have placed a sunon 5v fan into the back wall to keep everything cool (necessary?).

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    Off topic but... If you can make a single DIN in-dash VGA LCD, you will be SWAMPED with people wanting to buy. If you get this working, you should talk with BGreet who has a contact to get DennisK setups at a reasonable price. Keep us posted!


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      I really wish someone who had some experience could answer this.

      I am pretty far along in terms of the case and half the mechanism. Right now its all mechanical (non-electrical) as I wait for my servo controller from Mastero.

      What I have right now is a the DennisK screen with "case" that fits everthing plus a fan. I have a ball bearing mount on the back so that it can swivel after it ejects from the DIN case.

      The ball bearing is mounted to an aluminum bar that goes to tension hinge (for screen doors). The tension hinge is attached to a piece of aluminum that it attached to desk drawer hardware. So it will slide in and out like a small drawer and then be forced upwards by the tension spring.

      The real issue is depth - I may have 10-11" if I am lucky and the screen is 8.5" and needs to extend out from the dash anoth 1.5" to clear the other dash components. If you do the math on this, its 8.5 + 1.5 + more room for piece that connects it to the DIN box.

      In other words too long. I basically need to figure out how to shave some inches off the total design length.

      Eventually I will go to servo, but that will take time, but I think a worm drive is the ticket and will allow me to tuck a servo in some extra space back there and save lots of space.

      I will try to gin up some drawings today and post them to see if anyone has some suggestions.


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        A crude top view markup - I think until I get the servos worked out I am just going to attach the spring hinge to a flat metal piece that will slide back and forth between thin metal rods attached to the side of the DIN case, I can use magnetic stops at the front to prevent any sliding movement while in use.

        Let me know of any improvements or thoughts, thanks.


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          And side.


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            any updates?

            This is exactly what I need.


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