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My FM sounds better than my mp3 any ideas?

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  • My FM sounds better than my mp3 any ideas?

    I've recently installed an mp3 player in my volvo s-60 and for some reason I'm hearing the radio in great quality and a lot better than the mp3 unit, I use a tape adapter(a new sony adapter) and there isn't any noise but the sound isn't so good especially on the highs the tweeters starts to distort on mid-volume. my mp3 sounds great on my home stereo I use a creative vibra 16 isa card.
    Any idea of what might be wrong?

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    Try it on your home stereo using the tape adaptor aswell, and see what that sounds like.

    I havn't had any experience with tape adaptors, but that may be your problem.

    maybe try grounding the headunit and the computer to a common ground? (just a thought)

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      tape adapters will mess your sound up regardless
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