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Extigy vs. USB Competition

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  • Extigy vs. USB Competition

    I was wondering if anyone could compare/contrast the extigy with the other usb soundcards. I currently use a Xitel AN-1 and i am happy with it, but i feel it doesnt reproduce bass well. when i listen to the same song from cd (made with the same mp3) the bass is soo much clearer and seems to fall down to about 15Hz or below. the AN-1 does not have bass like that. what i mean is that in some songs from cd the bass has a "wiggle" if you will when it drops really low. you cant hear it but you can feel a slight wiggle... i'll call it that. the AN-1 does have good bass but none of the wiggle stuff... just bassy bass... no high quality bass. I am looking for a soundcard that will reproduce bass as it should be

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    I have both an Extigy and a Sonic USB.

    Extigy sounds better, though I've been having problems with it that I think stem from not getting enough juice to my PC.
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      not knowing anything about your setup and mp3 ripping methods, I would still guess, based on my own experiences, that whats holding you back is the mp3 format & encoder that you used to rip your songs.

      There is a lot of variables involved, but mp3s encoders dont do well with low base notes.

      I've downloaded rap songs @ 128k bit rate that sound like crap.


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        actually its quite the can recreate good bass witha 24kbit mp3 the treble is whats lacking... but these are 256kbit mp3s made with lame so... that rules that out


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          Have extigy...

          I have the sounds great! BUT, its HUGE! The thing is about 8'x6x2 inches. Its bigger than my actual pc! Anyways, quality wise, I dont think you can get much better. I however am looking for something smaller and BUS powered.

          ohh...I got mine on for $84 shipped!

          I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

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