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  • Cool new mini PC

    Check out this mini PC at Caseoutlet. No TV out, but it's only 5.7"X1.6"X10"! Has an external power supply that give 12V@5A.

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    Whats this about?

    "Accept PIII & Celeron Processor(Optional). "

    What, optional as in your might decide not to have a processor and use it as a paperweight instead???
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    AMD K6/2 500 @ 450mhz to keep heat and power usage down, 64Mb, slim CDrom drive, 64mb USB pendrive for MP3 transfer, 10Gb 2.5" drive for MP3, USB>RS232
    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
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      i think they mean that the chip is optional with the package, but yes it is poorly written.
      90% Done
      60W DC-DC & shutdown controller
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        Here are a couple other threads about this SUMICOM computer:

        For $359 I wonder if someone should just go with the wafer 7850 board instead. Well, this one does have a case, though.


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          SUMICOM Mini PCs.


          Excellent Forums.

          If i'm not mistaken the Mini PC that's mentioned here is one marketed under the brand name SUMICOM. I/we believe that it's also marketed under several other brand names. I have read a review on one of these somewhere but don't know the URL right now, if anyone wants the URL I should be able to find it.

          Here's the manufacturers URL for those who want to find out more.
          (Apologies if I am barking completely up the wrong tree).

          Here's one review anyway....

          Kind Regards.
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            holy thread digger batman!

            wouldnt have realized it until i saw that the previous links linked to dead pages!
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