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Please help me identify my MK4 Golf GTX head unit!

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  • Please help me identify my MK4 Golf GTX head unit!


    I bought my 1999 MK4 Golf GTX (it's like a GTI but with satnav, heated Recaro leather etc.) about 18 months ago and I love it to pieces.

    However, the time has come that I need to upgrade the ICE or something, possibly putting in a carputer with a touchscreen.

    The problem is though, I have no idea what the model number is of the satnav/stereo unit that came with my car, so I can't find instructions on removing it or adding things to the AUX input etc.

    The car was sold to the Japanese market and has since been imported to New Zealand (where I am), so the buttons around the colour screen are all in Japanese which doesn't help as I'm heterolingual and only speak English. The menu system and software interface and everything is all in English though which is great.

    Soooo, looking at the attached image, is there anyone out there that can help me identify what the hell this thing is? I've tried googling 'VW CD/MD Changer Control' about a thousand times and never find anything related to what I need.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS - in case it helps, the unit is a full-colour screen, it has GPS capabilities but the GPS system (Sony/Naviken) is Japanese only so it shows my car's position in relation to Tokyo, which doesn't really help. It also has an AUX input (so the interface says anyway), TV (I can watch TV but with extremely bad black & white reception and only a couple channels) and CD changer input (but I have no CD magazine/changer).
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    Pic too blurry, need more info on the car, what engine size?

    The easy way to do this is to take the head unit out. Run the audio from the computer through a 4 channel amp to the speakers. You have great space to do an 8" touch screen it looks like, maybe only a 7" though...
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      Thanks monkeyracer, yea the pic is shoddy but my phone was the only 'camera' I had available !

      The car is a 1.8t GTX, I've ordered some double DIN removal tools from eBay so I can rip it out and have a look what's behind there. I have my iPod hooked up to the unit (using an FM modulator I think), this was done by a car audio place when I first got the car, but it's a pretty rudimentary solution (just a line-out from the iPod headphone jack into the headunit).