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need info for a complete setup - brampton, ontario

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  • need info for a complete setup - brampton, ontario

    Hi guys,
    My Kenwood MP8017 was recently stolen and I am now stuck with the factory deck. I would like to setup a computer in the car so that I can play mp3's. I would ideally like to use a laptop and a small lcd display below the factory deck.

    I think the factory deck has a cd input jack so I can probably use that or I guess an FM modulator.

    The reason why is because the wife doesn't want me to spend a dime on replacing the deck with something equivalent as it will probably end up getting stolen again. As for insurance, they want me to pay $300 deductible so I said no way!

    If anyone can provide me with some info and don't forget cost I would greatly appreciate it.


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    (=========-) 99% complete
    AMD K6/2 500 @ 450mhz to keep heat and power usage down, 64Mb, slim CDrom drive, 64mb USB pendrive for MP3 transfer, 10Gb 2.5" drive for MP3, USB>RS232
    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
    Kenwood KVC-1000r In-Dash LCD. x-10 MouseRemote. Destinator V2 Gps. DC-DC with onboard Shutdown controller.


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      That thread looks like the guy want the kitchen sink. All I want is to play mp3's and know what I'm playing. I don't want DVD or anything like that, just the bare bone requirements as I'm afraid the more crap I install in the car, the more someone will want to steal it!!!


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        check for a local classified website or newsgroup.. i check out - every once and a while. newspaper classifieds around here are quite overpriced. look for a P166 or something..

        check out my site for a pretty simple setup..
        [SIZE=1]'91 Nissan Stanza

        [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] XX% Completed -
        Car Totaled and i bought a 20G mp3 player
        a DIY video projector page


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          Originally posted by optimus
          All I want is to play mp3's and know what I'm playing.

          That's pretty much all my install does. Check out my site for pictures and circuits and software and stuff.

          Old Systems retired due to new car
          New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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            Cool guys, I'll take a look and see how to proceed.



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              Yeah, check out mine as well. It's pretty basic. See "Player" link in signature. BTW, I am often in the Brampton area (unfortunately ).
              Player: Pentium 166MMX, Amptron 598LMR MB w/onboard Sound, Video, LAN, 10.2 Gig Fujitsu Laptop HD, Arise 865 DC-DC Converter, Lexan Case, Custom Software w/Voice Interface, MS Access Based Playlists
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