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Via Epia EN15000G motherboard.

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  • Via Epia EN15000G motherboard.

    Well, this won't be much of a review, since the video on the board failed shortly after getting everything up and running. It was working fine one minute and not the next. I tried two different Lilliput 7" monitors and a regular CRT(which I used to do all of the install). All I got was "No input signal." I contacted mini-box and they gave me an RMA number and told me to return the board. I selected exchange, because I liked the features of the board for my install, but when the new board arrived, it was clearly not new, evidenced by the wear on the connectors. It had the same problem. In fact, I believe they just sent my board back. It was even in the same box.

    On this website, I saw that someone changed their RAM to get the video working, so I purchased a new RAM stick from a different manufacturer and tried that. No go. I am in the process of returning the board to get my money back. which is part of was pretty cool about allowing me to return, but obviously, it would have been better to have a decent product the first time around and a quicker turn around on the board would have been good as well as a brand new board, instead of the one they sent back to me.

    So a big two thumbs down for the motherboard. Your mileage may vary.

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    If it's not a review, why post in the Review section?!?!

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      Too bad you had a bad experience.

      I have the EN15000G, and it works great. Had it up and running for about 5 months, worked right out of the box with no problems. Some initial issues with figuring out the best bios settings to get a good picture on a lilliput.

      Were you unable to get bios to display on a normal monitor? One of the problems could be the default setting for LCD monitor was puting out a signal that the lilliput screenscouldn't process (very high probability)?


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        He tested it with a CRT as well though, so it shouldn't be that.

        Can anyone comment on the performance of it versus the M10000?