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  • Instant Boot-up Media Player OPTION

    I really like the option the Lilliput TC-1000 computer come with. IT have Instant boot-up media player.... I have search endless and cant find any other computer like that, anyone know of any??? Its good option, but the computer it self is to weak for my need and its lillput after all. If anyone knows other motherboard or computer with that option please let me know.

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    Somebody has to know..


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      toshiba laptops have it for media and for internet.. no desktops that i know of though. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        Some HP/compaq laptop does it too. Instant play is the name.
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          There are a few asus boards that have that option... though it requires the use of an ide optical drive, with no support for usb drives.



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            hrm.. yeah my hp dv1130u laptop has that. Will direct boot to the shared music folder to play music, or from the dvd r/w for dvds.

            Hope that helps.


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              I was hoping this new mini mobo might have that option because i dont want to have laptop in my car.