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What do you use for a car setup?

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  • What do you use for a car setup?

    The last carPC I did in an old bonneville I ran the computer from the auxillary option of my panasonic receiver. Since I got a new car (well new for me ), I've been looking at new receivers to get. This brought a question to my mind. Is there any way to bypass buying a receiver and have some way of connecting the four speakers and a sub to a device that would convert it to the outputs of the soundcard?? Seems like a long shot, but I figured someone here might know if anything.

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    It's not a long shot at all.

    You can run audio out from the output channels of the soundcard directly to the amp.
    You can also run the stereo L/R channels to a pre-amp/EQ that can distribute channels appropriately. This is the route I'm taking.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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