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Anti Engine start based on access code!

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  • Anti Engine start based on access code!

    Well my topic might be a bit fuzzy but here is what I was thinking today while driving...

    I'm using StevieG's access control (think it's called that) to get access to my CarPC and on my ignition I have 3 different modes...
    1-is simply power but no lights and so on,
    2-is "normal" driving mode with all light on and etc.
    3-is "startup" mode, ie, holding it there will get the engine started, I think u all know what I mean...

    A cool thing would be if I didn't get any power to the 3d mode before entering the correct code... would be easy enough to setup... made a little sketch to maybe better explain what I mean:

    the super secret switch is just hidden away somewhere incase the CarPC dies... should work since the car only needs power in step 3 to start the car so it wouldn't do anything if the pc died while driving or something crazy like that...

    what u all think, possible or maybe even made, tried searching but I could only find threads about starting the engine with the pc... I only want it to be impossible to start it with the key without first entering the correct code!
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    wouldn't be hard to do but at best its a gimmick with the potential to be really annoying. Every time you want to start the car you would have to wait for the pc to boot. Doesn't seem bad but if you run into a shop, get fuel or anything like that you have to wait the 30-60 seconds before you can start the car. As security its useless as all you have done is disable the starter. A simple push start would get the car going quicker than the PC would boot.
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      I think it will be more of a hassle than it's worth... interesting idea, but impractical.


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          A better way, and similar to the "keyless" modern cars, would be to carry something like RFID on your keychain, and have a constantly running low power computer check for it. I'm thinking of like the PXA255 based systems like gumstix, which run on 5v @ 0.01-0.02A at the 99MHz processor. It's less intrusive that way, although, at the end of the day, it's still "security through obscurity".
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            @PC controlled: It is doable but again I can see this as a hassle if it were the only option for starting the car other than the super secret switch. My bet is that after a while you will just leave the secret switch on.

            However maybe something that allows your car to start and as soon as the IGN line comes live, a countdown sequence begins. If the PC hasn't tripped a relay with x minutes, shut off the fuel pump. The countdown timer would be seperate from the PC so that it would be no delay with the PC.

            Even if you did it with only the PC, it certainly wouldnt be 30 seconds. Resume from standby is only a second or 2 at most.
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              Once you have the super secret switch, why do you need the PC?


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                Thanks for all the replies guys...

                I was more thinking of it as a security measure if I ever was going to leave the car at some big parking lot for a couple of days... and to scare some friends if they borrow it...

                The problem with just stopping for a sec to get some food or anything else is bypassed with the *Super Secret Switch" and Ill probably just have that in the "on" mode most of the time... was just thinking it might be a cool way to "show-off" the car sometimes...
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                  It's a good idea, but try to remember that it's not always a good idea to have EVERYTHING go through the friggin PC. Cut the ignition wire ("Start", not "Run") from your key switch. Put a normally open relay inline. Then connect a keypad to the relay. I'm not sure if you can find a latching keypad, if they're momentary or pulse output then you'd need to build a latching circuit. But this way you have to "arm" the ignition w/ the keypad before turning the key can turn over the engine. Eliminate about 20 steps of complication by staying out of the computer.


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                    The problem you'll inevitably run into is the time you need to go somewhere in a hurry only to find out that your motherboard has died. It could screw you bad too if you're in a bad neighborhood for some reason and just need to get away and the computer won't boot for any reason.

                    Or what it if the system is just off one day and you stall in traffic.

                    Seems like the kind of thing that has the potential to really make you miserable. I mean Carputers aren't known for being the most reliable electronic devices out there.
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