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Timer Settings Lilliput TC1000 Computer

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  • Timer Settings Lilliput TC1000 Computer

    Hi all! My first post! Woot!

    I've been running this carputer for several months now and the only problem that I have is that the power controller on it hard shuts down the computer after about 12 seconds, but hibernate takes about 15 seconds.

    Is there a way to change the timer setting to take a bit longer for the power shutdown?

    There doesn't seem to be anything in the BIOS, so I'm hoping it's not hard wired. Can anyone think of any other solutions, like shunting power to the ACC lead from a capacitor or something?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Oh, as a side note, does anyone know exactly the memory type that I can buy to upgrade to 1GB?

    Thanks again!

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    TC1000 ram upgrade


    You can use PC2700 1GB RAM ( 200 pin laptop ddr ram).

    regards Primo


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      Actually, I just took my TC1000 apart and it was running a PC3200 DDR400 SODIMM (what a pain to remove, too!).

      Still looking to change setting or speed up Hibernate. Thanks.


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        bump. Any ideas anyone?


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          bump bump! Just got back from Iraq and still have no answer to this. Thanks!


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            Originally posted by huhsler View Post
            bump bump! Just got back from Iraq and still have no answer to this. Thanks!
            would also like to know, I still haven't found an answer...welcome home


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              First off what type of Mobo and number 2, what power supply do you have? If its a M2-ATX there is a jumper on the PSU itself that you can set to how long it takes to hibernate or shut off the PC.... my OPUS 320 also has the feature. I am not sure on other PSUs'. If I am reading correct your PC is made by Lilliput, it may have a cr@ppy PSU to begin with. Maybe you should upgrade the PSU.

              PS: from what i have read, it has a 20 second delay feature......
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                Does anyone knw where i could buy a Lilliput TC1000 case only?