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CarPC Turning off/ Freezing/ being annoying.

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  • CarPC Turning off/ Freezing/ being annoying.

    Ok so in the last 3-4 days my Carpc will randomly lock up turn off and try to reboot, sometimes it is able to reboot sometimes it cant... its all hit or miss...

    like yesterday all morning, she ran smooth no lag or freezing up.. but on my way home from work.. every 2 seconds it would lock up for 5-10 seconds...

    the temp was no higher then 44 C and nothing else seems to be wrong...
    any ideas or what to try to help figure it out?

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    What hardware are you running? Is that an estimate for your temperature or an actual reading?


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      its a reading on the computer itself.

      EN15000G - mobo (proc is the via)
      laptop hard drive 40gig
      512 ram...


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        of course there are many things that can cause this, but first suspect to me is automaticly going to be power supply issues, what are you powering & how are you powering it?
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          pull every peice of hardware out that you dont need. This includes usb devices, ram, cd/harddrives, etc. Put them back in one by one to figure out which one is giving you problems. I havent seen a cpu cause a computer to stall for a few seconds but I have seen them completely lock up or cause blue screen at random times. When a cpu overheats, it will usually shut the computer down (instant off) without warning. I've seen bad ram cause similar symptoms so if you have more than one stick of ram, try each individually. Check to make sure that your motherboard is getting the proper voltage as well.
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            For the locking up I'd say defrag the hard drive and turn off the page file. For the not booting, probably a power issue.


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              I'm gonna guess the power supply also. What PSU are you using?
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                power issues can cause lockups too
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                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

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                    Well my PC runs fine with no pagefile and 512 megs of ram. Computers tend to bog down when they cache (often unnecessarily). Just an idea.


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                      Step 1:

                      First thing I would do is check and make sure all PCI cards and RAM DIMMS are secured in place. after that make sure your computer itself is securely mounted in the car. Check and make sure processor and Northbridge temps are withiin tolerance levels of your particular hardware. I highly suggest more than just having it secured down to a solid surface. I suggest something that can absorb shock instead of all bumps engine knocks etc. being aborsbed into the box. I pesonally am a big fan of Bubble warp. *worked wonders for my box*

                      If those dont work proceed to Step 2:

                      Take the computer in the house and place hook it up to a standard coimputer PSU.

                      Run a memtest86 sweep 10min should be enough for most problems and hour if you kinda wanna be a little more sure. *24 hours if your a paranoid OC'ing freak like me*

                      After that run a Prime95 sweep *same timeframes*

                      Checkand see if it passes those test.

                      Also try using the computer in the hous for a lilttle while, see if it exhibits the same probelms outside of a moving vehicle with less than desired temperature ranges.

                      Try a different hard drivel. I've seen some hard drives that seem to work fine but sometimes exibit problems such as random CLICKS. *Clicks are almost ALWAYS bad*

                      Also check your START - CONTROL PANEL - ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS - EVENT VIEWER - SYSTEM for any possible error log cues.

                      Depending on your hardware you might want to manually set some of your timings in the BIOS *FSB voltages etc*

                      God I could go on and on....theres so much that could be causing this issue. : /


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                        Turn on hard drive SMART in the bios and get a program that reads the data. I discovered that my hard drive was about to die that way (when it was locking up and randomly rebooting). And then it died.

                        Same exact symptoms you're having. Dunno why I didn't think of that before.