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hacking radar into dash.

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  • hacking radar into dash.

    Ok, I have an old Radar detector that I never use, because it is pretty conspicous sitting on my dash, and I feel like if I got pulled over, it would be all the more reason to give me a ticket, or that it could be stolen easily.
    Is it possible to somehow hack it apart, attach the 12+ to the acc line, so its only on when the car is, put the piezo buzzer somewhere, and somehow mold the led indicator lights into my dash? But, how does it detect radar waves? Would it detect them if it was in my dash? can I take the detector part out, possibly put in inside one my lights or something?
    Anyone ever done anything like this?
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    Wont work well...

    1. I run mine off my ACC...I also ran a hidden on/off switch under my seat so that I can use it in Illegal States...I just hit the switch if I get pulled over and tell the officer that its not wired up...

    2. Most older radar detectors need a straight and clear line of site. My old whistler was very picky about what was blocking it (ie things hanging from rearview mirror). If you just want to see if a cop is directly infront of you...than it may work.

    My advice though is to just buy a GOOD radar detector. Old or middle range ones arent gonna do you any good in Ohio. Your state troopers have some high tech equipment. The better one you have, the less likely you are to get pulled over. As long as they are legal, you cant get in trouble for it. Ive been pulled over a number of times and forgot to take it down (I usually do while the cop is picking his nose wasting my time) was just buzzing away while the cop wrote the ticket infront of me . When Im ****ed (usually for getting an impropper lane change ticket), I turn up the volume and really annoy em.

    I got my first detector 6 years ago and am yet to get one stolen...I always leave it on my dash...Check out for some NON-CAR&DRIVER tests.

    Try one of these if you have the cash. The day I buy a sports car is the day I buy this...
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      Cripes thats expensive.

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        I was just going to post something about radar detectors that go outside the car! I knew I saw them before, I didn't think they where THAT expensive though! If you need to speed that badly, use that $1500 to pay off the cops when they pull you over
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          Yeah def need a good line of site. But now you have me thinking (You bastard) maybe I can take mine apart, and integrate just the compase part into my dash somehow. If I just have the front lcd shoing my directions at all time, it would be hot. I dont even use my detector as its out of date......God these projects never end.
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