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  • Antenna Question

    Before I begin let me say that I did do a search and found nothing out of the 178 topics that came up that answered my question.

    My head unit does not have AUX inputs and so I am forced to use a FM modulator. It's no big deal to install but my question has to do with getting my antenna signal split.

    In my setup I want to get my antenna signal to both my head unit and to my pc. My pc has a combo TV/FM pci tuner in it.


    1) Can I get a car antenna splitter? If so where because I've been to a couple of stereo shops and they don't carry such a thing.

    Once I get the signal split so that the head unit and the PC have a cable.. I'll have to split the antenna again at the PC in order to plug into both the FM and TV inputs...

    2) Can I change the end to a Coax connection since the card requires a Coax connection?

    Does any have a similar setup?


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    I can answer almost all of your questions. Radio shack makes an antenna splitter.

    As for wiring it up to the TV tuner, that will not work. A few guys here have tried it to no avail. The antenna is not tuned for the correct frequency. You're going to need a seperate antenna.