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Ampie Case Wiring Question...

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  • Ampie Case Wiring Question...

    The wiring of the Ampie...(wish it came with some kind of documentation)

    On the external wiring plug, there are 7 wires....

    Here is what I am assuming they are, can someone confirm/deny please?

    Red - 12V
    Black - GRND
    White - Ignition

    smaller gauge wires

    Orange - Amp turn on????
    Green - Screen turn on???
    (2) blacks - grounds

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out...

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    Never assume, search instead.
    But I can confirm orange is remote lead for the amps. The green doesn't get used and neither does the other smaller wire.
    Ampie Case
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      I think the ampie case is called the voom case in Europe. If so, this should help you a little:

      or this:
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        Thanks a ton guys...

        Bimm - Thats exactly what I was looking for...really wish the Mp3car store would include something similar in their shipments...

        Thanks again!