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Oregon Scientific ATC2K camera - CPU-free video?

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  • Oregon Scientific ATC2K camera - CPU-free video?


    Haven't been online in a while, but a friend showed me something that gave me an idea for my carputer today, wanted to run it by y'all. I've got a webcam on my dash that makes a time-lapse video every time I drive as I've mentioned before, and I've been wanting to add more video of other angles because storage space is no real problem, but the limitation is my M10000 Epia board. It's a great board for what I do now, but I'm worried that adding more USB cameras would bog it down.

    My friend showed me the camera in the thread title, and it has me interested in this again. It has onboard storage (and you can add a CF card) that it records to, plus it apparently shows up as a removable volume when plugged in via USB. I read the manual and couldn't see a way to start and stop recording on it via the USB connector, but if there was a way to do that, I could have a camera that logs stuff to its own memory as I drive and have a shell script that monitors the file size and when it reaches capacity, would "Stop" the record (to unlock the file), copy it onto the big hard drive, then restart the recording, hopefully without more than say 10-15 seconds of "downtime" per hour of video, assuming it's USB 2.0.

    I'm assuming, of course, that I can't simply copy the live file and delete it without getting smacked by the camera logic.

    Any ideas? Anyone try anything like this? If this worked, it would be easy to add multiple cameras facing all directions without bogging down the CPU.
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    Well, my friend has ordered one and we'll play with it when he gets it here. This could also work nicely in conjunction with scheduled power-ups for having a security camera that records your car (in case of breakin or something). With a 2 gig CF card, it could probably record a few hours at low frame rate. Have a timer that energizes the accessory line on your DC-DC power supply (the blue wire on my Opus, for instance) for 5 minutes every 3-4 hours, for instance, would be just long enough to come out of hibernation, have the missed scheduled event to archive the camera contents and restart it fire off, then go back into hibernation.

    This way, only the tiny, power thrifty camera is actually running all the time.
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