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What type of Keypad should I use???

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  • What type of Keypad should I use???

    This is probably very simple for everyone. I've put together a simple mp3 car computer. Just for mp3's (for now at least).

    -P233-mmx, 64meg ram, Win95 but MSDOS.sys changed to boot to DOS (so basically, dos), mpxplay 1.46
    -Baby AT case and motherboard

    My computer DOESN'T have ps/2 inputs or usb. The keyboard port is large 5-pin AT type.

    I need to know what numeric keypad to get for my mpxplay computer. I got a ps/2 type thinking I could use an AT-ps/2 adapter like a regular keyboard, but it doesn't work. Seems like keypad only works on laptops. (Doesn't even work in Windows on a desktop with ps/2 port.)

    So what should I get? I need a numeric keypad that can be used in DOS. Would a serial keypad be needed?

    THANKS for the help.

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    I simply used a generic PS2 numeric keypad. Some of them are designed for specific laptops, so make sure to get a "normal" one from most any computer/office store.
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      Prerunner, your setup sounds exactly like my original setup. I used a Micro Innovations keypad (I picked it up for about $20, and its a dark grey case with light grey buttons, goes well with the interior of my truck). I picked up my PS/2 to AT keyboard converter at Radio Shack. They come in a package with both the PS/2 to AT and AT to PS/2. Cost me about $10. Everything worked great right out of the box, although I did remap a few keys in MPXPlay.

      As a side note, if anyone has a numeric keypad that includes the numlock light, I'd be interested in finding one.


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        Prerunnerv6, I have a brand new keypad (microinovations) that I will sell to you for $20 bucks shipped (usa only) if you want it...

        Let me know,

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          Avoid the serial port keypads, they need a TSR to work in DOS. I have a standard PS/2 keypad, so I just tried it in DOS - works fine. Get a generic PS2 pad and use adapter.


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            Thanks for everyone's input. I ordered the Micro Innovations keypad. Too bad it doesn't have a numlock led on it. But as long as it works.

            mikeinsanmarcos, thanks for the offer. I had a big list of things to order from the same online site so it was easier just to add the keypad to the list. Thanks anyway.

            Hopefully, I'll work up to a display monitor in a month or so.

            Thanks again.