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  • Before I find out the hard way...

    I am planning to put my case under my "shotgun" passenger seat (I know, I know, most advise against this). However, because my seat is somewhat low, there was no room for my Opus 250W power supply. So, I'm hoping that I can mount the power supply in my center console and lengthen the cables by about 2-3 feet to reach the PC.

    My question, now, is: Will there be any adverse effects from lengthening these cables? I don't want to underpower my PC or have the power signal dissipate before turning on the PC, since my Opus has a built-in turn on/shutdown controller.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Some drop in power will happen, how much of a system are you planning?

    Also, make sure you have good airflow even when someone is sitting in the seat.
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      At one time I had my PSU in the trunk and my computer in the arm rest. The run was about 12'. I had no problems with it. I actually made the extension with speaker wire, laid them all flat on very wide duct tape and put another strip of duct tape on top to make a nice wide ribbon cable to hide under the carpet.
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