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Forward facing night vision camera

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  • Forward facing night vision camera

    I know i know Asian wolf *Shudder* but looking at this camera its a good price and has some of the best TV Lines resolution i've seen. Now my question is it overkill. I'm planning on mounting it behind my review mirror. Any issues i will have getting this cam? I wanted quality that was as good if not better than the police use in thier cars..

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    How would this work:

    (and I already know the answer to that and it is "Not very well", but it is cheap so you can have one in the front and one in the back and one on the bottom of your car and one by your engine and maybe even have one pointing at your tire so you can check how much tread you have left while driving 65 MPH down the highway)

    what do you think? worth it or not? It is a piece of junk CMOS camera that is supposed to work in the dark even though it probably doesnt. but for $16 shipped would anybody try it?