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VIA VB6002 - Wont show on car screen ?? but on CRT it will ?

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  • VIA VB6002 - Wont show on car screen ?? but on CRT it will ?

    ok heres the prob

    fitted it all in

    PC will post and boot to normal monitor... but will not post to my car screen which is 800x480

    only way i can do it is as follows

    boot using normal monitor ( when i do this bios setting changes to LCD+CRT automatically) , once it is then booted up ... i can then swap monitors over..

    but if i boot using the LCD car screen (LCD IS AUTOMATICALLY selected in bios) and you can see all the Bios boot information but as soon as windows starts 2 loads monitor goes ' VGA not connected' or wot eva u wanna call it... basically a blue screen

    in my Bios ive changed the pannel type to 08 like instructed

    only conclusion ive came 2 is ... basically windows XP is reporting my monitor as CRT ?? and thats why it isnt displaying ??? i seriously have no idea

    als i believe i can still boot using the car LCD screen if i boot to safe mode menu and sleect the VGA monitor option.

    any help please ?

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    ok seems once ive uninstalled drivers , and now using windows drivers it now works ok.. yay..

    its at 640x480 which is a bit gay but runs centrafuse ok



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      Sounds like you need to change your Window's video setttings to "clone".
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        indeed i would have thought that , but the option i dont think is avaliable

        any one else ran in 2 this problem ?


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          I too am having problems with the video on this board, my issue is this.

          The machine boots fine when there is a monitor connected, tft/crt/touchscreen tft but I am wanting to start the machine via car alarm keyfob. The monitor will be removed from the car for security reasons, the PC will be booted from keyfob and touchscreen connected once I am in the vehicle and Windows is booted. The problem is once the machine is booted with no monitor and the monitor is then connected there is no signal going to the monitor, not even a power signal (on any monitor). The machine is working though, I can connect to it using remote desktop with no problem at all.

          I have managed to get around this problem by adding a PCI graphics card but this is not ideal as I would like to use a VOOM2 case and with the added pci card I will have to leave the system without a case, not a major problem I know but having the machine in a case would be better for removing the PC.

          Sorry for reviving a dead thread but I thought it better to add to this VB6002 video thread rather than starting a new one, keep all the info in one place that way.


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            only way i managed to sort it was via a PCI graphics card like your self have done.