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How do some PCB boards require no PSU?

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  • How do some PCB boards require no PSU?

    I have been looking at a once commercially available MP3 player that cost over $1000 to buy.

    if you look at these pictures.... it looks like EVERYTHING is in the PCB how hard is it to make your own PCB like these people did.... Is it even doable.... It looks soooooo sweet.

    I didnt understand how the power from the car can just plug strait into the PCB like that.... dont they need a power supply... cause i dont see one....
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    Because thats not a proper comp, its a custom designed board using a StrongARM cpu to play MP3's only. If you only want to do MP3s then do a search in google, there are loads of designs out there that are small and could easily fit in a DIN sized case, as long as you have the soldering capability that is!

    Most people here go for the full computer idea to have GPS/movies/games etc. Lets face it, if all you want is MP3 there are much cheaper and easier ways than to fit a computer in your car, thats why the EMPEG unit has had its day, because all it does it what the good brand car audio units do at a third of the price.


    WOW! Just found out the EMPEG units are manufactured just round the corner from where I live, Nuffield Trading Estate, Poole, Uk! And I thought they were a US product. Learn something new every day.
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