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Need help. PC turns on without pushing power button.

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  • Need help. PC turns on without pushing power button.


    EPIA VIA M10000
    TRAVLA c138
    Carnetix P1900

    My pc is turning on once it gets power. I tried it with the p1900 and the AC adapter and once the adapter has power the PC turns on. So i know it isnt the p1900.

    I checked the solder connections for the ACPI wires and its fine. I even unplugged the ACPI wires from the board and it still turns on by itself without pushing the power button.

    This all started happening this weekend. I had the pc in the car for over 6 months and i didnt have any issues like this before.

    Is there anything i can check or troubleshoot?


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    You may want to check that the BIOS isn't set to turn back on after a power failure. It could see your power up attempts as a power failure if you aren't shutting the system down. Or try to let the system boot completely into the OS and then shut it down. Apply power after that and see if it turns on.


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      yea, i dont have the feature setting on.

      Thanks for the head up though.


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        actually, i messed around with that setting again. I turn it on then saved it, exited, and then turned it off and then saved again and now it works fine.