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Building a custom board to play JUST MP3's?

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  • Building a custom board to play JUST MP3's?

    Does anyone know of a couple of really good web sites that have designs for building a vustom board to play only MP3's I am going to use a Dot matrix VFD, about 12 keys or so. and a laptop hardrive. I want it to fit in the size of a single car din. I heard that the best way to do it is to use about a 200MHz processor, so it requires very very very little power.

    thanks guys.... I would just buy a hard drive player that only plays mp3 but the only one I have found is the EMPEG(which is out of business and only available through ebay).... its sorta pricey for me... plus I want to have the fun of doing it myself...

    Im not going to be using a keypad or external power supply or anything like that I want it all to fit inside the case and just be wired to my cars power and speakers
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      the above link is for yampp , interesting site....

      or here for ideas....

      good luck and have fun... after all thats what this is all about
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        Ok here is what I am looking for ... a small unit.. That stores the MP3s on a laptop drive, has very small amount of flash memory available for dos and mpxplay, and has onboard connector or onboard pins to hookup at least a single serial device, a single parallel device, and the 2.5" laptop hard drive, a sinlge ps2 connector for keyboard, and a usb connection to upload music to the device. I wouldnt necessarilly need the ps2 connector if there were already keys on it or something... i dunno bout that part.
        Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.


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          go with a yampp 3/usb

          go to the yampp website and get on of his kits!