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USB self powered hub, which one

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  • USB self powered hub, which one


    I was wondering which 4-port USB 2.0 hub I should get for my CarPC? Here's what I have:

    Asus R2H 7" TabletPC
    Gyration Wireless Keybard (USB)
    Haicom GPS (USB)
    Griffin Powermate (USB)
    External DVD writer (USB self powered)

    So far the Gyration works with 1 USB hub only (USB 1.1 specs) - self powered, any other ones that I plugged into, it just doesn't connect to the keyboard.

    Then I found this one:

    and I was able to get everything connected (except for the USB DVD writer) and worked great, except this one it will not function without an AC adapter. So I have to start the car in order to use anything. Trying to avoid that if possible.

    At the moment, I can give up the Gyration keyboard as I don't really use it that often, but for the remaining 3 devices, would it be do-able with a self-powered hub? Or it will run out of juice since I'll have a DVD writer and Powermate?

    The TabletPC has 3 USB ports, but the other one is at the top where it doesnt' have enough clearance to plug an USB plug into. The 3rd one is on the opposite side of all the plugs are where I'm trying to avoid - to keep everything nice!

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Originally posted by htsource View Post
    this one it will not function without an AC adapter. So I have to start the car in order to use anything. Trying to avoid that if possible
    why would you need to start the car?

    you should never have to start the car to use any computer component / accessory.

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      Because the accessories adapter is powered when engine starts. With the TabletPC, since it powers from the battery so I can leave it running when the engine is shut off, but not the hub.


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        Surely the acessories adaptor is powered when the car is switched to ACC?

        Powered hubs are far more reliable and useful than self powered ones.
        It has to do with the fact that no single USB device can request more than 500 mA, but every USB device thinks it get 500 mA. Your hub is limited to a total of 500 mA which must be split between the remaining 4 (or whatever) ports plus its own electronics.


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          That must be the issue - not enough juice for all devices off one USB hub!

          I wonder though, I have a 12V USB charger, can I plug that to the hub to inject the power rather than using the adapter that came with the hub, to avoid using an inverter from DC to AC?

          Thanks again for the help.


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            How about this one?


            Self powered but also has second USB plug for more power.
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