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Polarized sunglasses + TFT/LCD's don't mix.

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  • Polarized sunglasses + TFT/LCD's don't mix.

    I was kinda upset to find that wearing my new Oakley Polarized sunglasses made the TFT and LCD screen alot harder to see.

    I guess the Polarization kills alot of the light passing through at that particular angle.
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    Often times its duplexing the polarization, as both the glasses and the screen probably have a polarized film on them, and they're working at such an angle as to produce even further interference.

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      Take a look at your cell phone's display too...turns all sparkly or black if you have a sanyo 5150 But yeah, if I look straight on though my polarized glasses my screen is black. I can see mine perfectlyl from a 45ish degree angle.

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