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M1000 Overheating?

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  • M1000 Overheating?


    I searched the forums and could not find a match to a problem that I am having. Wondering if anyone else has seen it.

    I am using a EPIA M1000 for the motherboard in my CarPC. The power is from a M1-ATX. I am using 4 devices on the USB lines:

    1. Touchscreen
    2. WiFi adapter
    3. Bluetooth adapter
    4. XM-PCR

    The whole computer is housed in a custom fabricated enclosure and is in the dash in the original radio location. The problem I am having relates to the USB's. Sometimes all of the USB's work perfectly throughout the day, through frequent starts and stops. All at once, all devices attached to the USB stops working. I notice this first because the touchscreen stops responding, then I notice that no bluetooth connections are being held. I can see both the bluetooth and Wifi dongles and they are both blinking so I think that they are still receiving the +5V power from the line but it seems like no communication is happening.

    Later on, they will work again and then go off again. I pulled the CarPC and used it on my bench this whole weekend with all of the USB devices connected and the problem never occured again so I suspect that maybe the temperature in the dash cavity is too high.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? I am not sure which portion of the motherboard to direct some cooling at to solve this problem. Any suggestions?

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    EPIA M10000? (extra zero)

    Windows will tell you what your USB lines are pulling...I think you get 2A per pair?...I assume you are plugging each USB device into a separate USB connector mounted to your motherboard...and not to an unpowered USB hub.

    However since you are losing all USB at once, my first guess would be that you have a compatibility problem, and one of your devices is doing stupid stuff (technical I know)

    You need to monitor the plugged in devices to see if they were actually removed...or if the drivers crashed.

    A simple test would be unplug one of them and let it run through the day...I don't think the touchscreen would be my first choice...

    Unplug the XM or the Wifi and see what happens for a day and keep testing like that.

    You may have to pull 5v+ directly from the PSU and send it to a powered USB hub to run one or all of those devices.

    I personally have tons of stuff plugged into USB...and never have a problem...unless I try to plug a USB powered hard drive into my unpowered hub...that tends to knock everything off.
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