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Cutting off PCI slots - anyone tried it?

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  • Cutting off PCI slots - anyone tried it?

    Hi, I need to wedge a new thicker VGA card in My custom PC case but in order to get it to fit I will need to cut off or desolder the PCI slots. has anyone tried this? any tips / pitfalls I should be aware of? I was planning on filling the dead slot with Hot Glue in order to insulate it.

    Comments please!

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    well I have never removed a pci slot but i would think that a good desoldering turn would be your friend as to the pitfalls i have no idea what to tell you.



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      lol, that would be the neatest but theres an awful lot of desoldering to do. I may be able to find an old board at work to play with first. as the pitfalls I was wondering how Windows may react, I'm guessing that it won't as the circuitery would still be present just the actual slot would be missing. If I do it I will post the results here!


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        as long as you do a good job and dont overheat the traces and blow the multi-layer PCB or heat up a nearby component it should have no adverse effects.

        Just get a desoldering braid, lay it over the bottom pinsand run your iron over it.Then it should be mostly free and do it by feel then.
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