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  • TV Tuner questions

    You know, this is going to sound really ignorant, but I honestly don't know.

    How exactly does a TV tuner work? Like say if I had one in my home computer (I don't) and simply attached it to my cable line. What mechanism switches channels? Is it mechanical (like a dial on the tuner)? Is it software based? Do you need to purchase software for it if this is the case? Or do I need aditional hardware?

    Thanks for answering my questions. I am still planning here and realized I did not know a damn thing about them.

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    They are all software based. So you use like your mouse of keyboard to change channel. There are some that come with remotes also. If your gonna put one in your car, you'd need an antenna.
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      thank you sir


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        And just to add my 2 cents, i tried an ati tv-wonder on my home win2k machine, and it didnt work very well, and when i pulled it out of the box with the shipping beta win2k drivers, it didnt work at all, and this was only like 5 months ago, as in win2k has been out for looooong enought that a product shouldnt ship with beta drivers. So I returned it, and bought a viewsonic external tv tuner, that works etreemly nicely.

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