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  • What is Needed for a Car PC

    Ok, I was referred here by someone visiting

    Anyways- heres what I want:

    PC that plays DivX's, DVD's, games, MP3's, and able to use travel software (for maps). My friend will sell me a 1 ghz cel. that he used as a Lanbox with a 40 gig hd, onboard sound, onboard gf2mx (32 mb), 192 megs ram, onboard nic, dvd, and low wattage power supply. Its in a small case. Generally, I have almost everything I would need out of the way, EXCEPT the display.

    What do you all generally use? I was thinking of just buying a 15" LCD and have it free floating around the car and have it stored in teh trunk in a hidden compartment. I also considered getting a laptop LCD. The laptop LCD would need a $200 controller ALONE, so theyll both pretty much be the same price in the longrun.

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    i just flipped around this board looking for pics of LCD's in a mustang. There are none. Anyone have any pics of LCD's in a Mustang, preferably 2001 or stickshift?


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      you can always just go the "normal" way, as I have in one of the cars I built.

      A motor driven 7" screen (in dash)
      Sony made this one.. but not sure on adress.. alpine etc.., also make good ones.
      Many of these include AM/FM radio, and some with DVD in them

      Just hook into Aux.

      -Dash, fold down over instrument colsole

      --HEY just a thourght (impracticle)
      a tiny projector in the center console, and a white board-thing you \pull down over all the front consoles... nothing less than 24"
      Duron 900/GF2 MX 440/550W inverter/5" TFT/2x16 LCD/80 gig/256M/lots of messy wires and electrical tape


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        I know for a fact that there are a number of people with mustangs that have posted pics of their setups, and there was even discussion over the placement, ala on the dash, celling, etc.

        Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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          Cenwesi has a 95-96ish cobra.


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            Same car, different setup....

            <img src="">

            However, the current plan is to move the head unit down to where the LCD is now, and relocate the AC controlls elsewhere (havent decided where yet) then i will put a 6.4" or 7"widescreen lcd in the free space in the dash (i can get that whole dash component from a dealer i know and remake it to perfectly fit the lcd with fiberglass. It should look nice. the only major question is where to put the ac controlls... i have thought about in/around the center box, or next to the cigarette lighter there... i am still not sure. Work begins this summer (unless i trade it in for a GT - the jury is still out on that one)
            Car: 1999 Dark Green Mustang GT Coupe
            Audio: Alpine HU, JL 6ch Amp, JL Stealthbox and XR series components.
            Player: Empeg for now; something custom later.
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