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Slot load dvd in a head unit

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  • Slot load dvd in a head unit

    Is there any way to mount a slot load dvd in a head unit. I opened an old sony and it looks like you could remove the stock cd player mechanism and put a slim slot load dvd in its place. Does anyone know if this will work for sure? I know a little bit of modification will need to be done, but it won't be major modification will it??

    Also would you have to find just certain ones with that sytle mechanism or will most of them be able to be replaced?

    I know it sounds kind of dumb, but I a screen in my dash (factory look) with a regular head unit (replacement head unit look) But I don't want to make a slot in my dash. I think it would be cool to put any cd into the cd player and be able to play it on the carputer. Also the head unit would have to have auxiliary inputs for the audio in from the carputer.

    It would look very stock, but have a very kewl functionality.

    What do you think???


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    Best thing to do....get some fiberglass and a slot load dvd player....and call it a day. You will put way too much work into it otherwise.
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    Monster Cap
    Sproggy Shutdown Controller
    Custom Fiberglass Console (Idea Junked)

    Still Need: GPS, and some kick a@# software!